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Pioneer Display Business Does the Hokey Pokey.

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As a follow up to our previous article “Sharp, Sony & Pioneer Join Forces…” Pioneer has announced additional plans for future production. Pioneer Corp.’s Board of Directors has approved radical changes in their display business through a massive restructuring. After completion of the 2008 model production is complete all plasma display panel production will cease at the Pioneer Plasma Display Corp. and Pioneer Display Products Corp. After termination of in-house production Pioneer will rely on Matsushita Electric industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic) for procurement of plasma display panels beginning in summer of 2009. As a result Pioneer’s plasma display technologies will be integrated into the Panasonic product. Continue reading


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Sharp, Sony & Pioneer Join Forces; Flat Panel Mega-Team!

Sharp (Osaka, Japan) is forming alliances with some of the industries most formidable manufacturers. This could result in an onslaught of new technologies coming to market at unprecedented price points. Sharp of course is one of the original manufacturers to lead the flat panel revolution with the introduction of the Aquos. Now they have joined forces with Sony (Tokyo, Japan) to manufacture and sell large size LCD panels using the first 10th generation glass substrates. The new panels will be distributed according to each company’s respective investment which equates to Sharp 66% and Sony 34%. Initial production numbers are anticipated to reach 36,000 per month and increase to 72,000 units per month and scheduled to begin April 2009. Continue reading

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