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The Five Faces of Distortion

As a waveform passes through an audio or video system any deviation from the original signal is considered to be distortion. Therefore the output signal is no longer the same as the input signal only greater in amplitude, it has been changed and is now “distorted”. Continue reading


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My system doesn’t sound like it did in the store. Should I buy an EQ?

My system doesn’t sound like it did in the store. Should I buy an EQ?

NO! EQ’s are probably the worst addition to any system you could make. The acoustical characteristics of your room affect the sound of your system as much as any other component in the chain. EQ’s can be used successfully when you have the proper equipment to calibrate them. Most EQ’s available on the consumer market are poorly designed and are more detrimental to you sound quality than they are helpful. Now the units manufactured for pro audio use are far superior and can help you achieve the results you need without inducing unwanted phasing and harmonics. Most if not all pro audio installations required the use of one or more EQ’s because every installation is so drastically different. The majority of the time in a residential situation you will have more success tuning the room itself. Simply pay attention to system placement, furnishings, flooring, window coverings, etc.

by Jason Levert

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