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Bill Whitlock; President of Jensen Transformers

Bill Whitlock

Bill Whitlock, President of Jensen Transformers, Inc. since October, 1989. His responsibilities include leadership and management of Jensen. He oversees product development, engineering, and manufacturing. He writes technical articles for trade magazines and presents seminars on interfacing issues at industry trade shows.

For several years Whitlock worked closely with Deane Jensen, the original founder, providing consulting services to clients. He has an extensive background in high performance and wideband analog circuit designs. His experience includes data conversion, analog and digital magnetic recording, video signal processing, telemetry PWM and PCM techniques, computer peripheral interfaces, and test equipment design.

For seven years prior to joining Jensen, Whitlock was manager of electronic development engineering for EMI/Capitol Records where he designed the XDR® high speed cassette duplicator electronics. He was project manager and system co-architect of their ultra-high performance “digital loop bin”, which allowed high speed mass duplication of cassettes directly from digital masters.

From 1974 until 1981, he was chief engineer for Laser Images, Inc., producers of Laserium®, the laser light show. He designed the basic automated image generation and control system as well as several theater sound systems.

From 1972 until 1974, he was chief engineer for Quad-Eight Electronics where he conceived and developed Compumix®, a pioneering console automation system. Bill was interviewed for this job by Deane Jensen, who was leaving Quad-Eight to start Jensen Transformers, and their professional association continued for 17 years until Deane’s death in 1989.

Whitlock holds two patents and is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.


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