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Sharp, Sony & Pioneer Join Forces; Flat Panel Mega-Team!

Sharp (Osaka, Japan) is forming alliances with some of the industries most formidable manufacturers. This could result in an onslaught of new technologies coming to market at unprecedented price points. Sharp of course is one of the original manufacturers to lead the flat panel revolution with the introduction of the Aquos. Now they have joined forces with Sony (Tokyo, Japan) to manufacture and sell large size LCD panels using the first 10th generation glass substrates. The new panels will be distributed according to each company’s respective investment which equates to Sharp 66% and Sony 34%. Initial production numbers are anticipated to reach 36,000 per month and increase to 72,000 units per month and scheduled to begin April 2009.

The second Sharp venture is with Pioneer (Tokyo, Japan). This joint product development will result in Sharp providing LCD screens to Pioneer and in return Pioneer will be lending its acoustical resources to develop new ultra slim, high fidelity speakers to accompany the flat panels. It is also in the plans that Pioneer and Sharp Engineers are going to team up to develop LCD TV’s to carry on the Pioneer Kuros series.

So what does this mean for us as consumers? At the risk of sounding cliché this is a win-win situation. Large mega corporations such as these pooling resources means lower production costs as well as shared research and development. All of which translates in to lower prices on the retail front and new technology materializing at a more rapid pace than could otherwise be possible. With the recent OLED offerings from Sony sporting unbelievably thin screens with equally unbelievable prices it will be exciting to see how the new joint venture with Sharp will affect the release of larger screen sizes and more modest prices.


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