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The Critics Have Spoken but It’s You We’re Listening To.

At Gain11 I do my best to avoid subjective disagreements with any patrons on or offline. However recently I was heavily criticized for not going more in depth into more of my articles and/or answers. I kindly remind those critics that it is not our objective to be a replacement for qualified teachers and the many well-known training facilities spread about the country and of course those across the pond . I my self will spend my time in the shadows of these highly regarded teachers learning for years to come. We aim to be a resource that prepares those who want to take that next level and invest money in these classes and take full advantage of all of the professional and world-renowned facilities available to us all. There are plenty of books available that are too advanced for the beginner and those just interested in learning more about the field. If we can bridge that gap and get those just starting to a point where they can read these books without being overwhelmed in just the first chapter then we have accomplished our mission.

Of course with all this said we always encourage any feedback our readers may have critical or otherwise. If there are specific topics and or areas of study you would like to see us address just drop us a line and we will be sure to meet all of your requests as quickly as possible.

by Jason Levert


March 25, 2008 - Posted by | A/V News, Class: E=MC2(+/-3db), FAQ's

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