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To HD or not to HD? That is no longer the question!

All of the Feburary A/V publications were riddled with blurbs and exposes on the Warner Bros. announcement to exclusively back Blu-ray. Of course this led to wild speculation on what this meant for the future of HD-DVD. Well while everyone held their breath and the presses hadn’t even finished printing, Toshiba pulled the plug on a format that was already on life support. Ken Fisher with authored and insightful piece outlining the many areas Toshiba failed to capitalize on that very well could have not only led to the survival of HD-DVD, but also a prosperous co-existence along side Blu-ray.

For PS3 fans the choice was a no brainer. However with X-Box offering the HD-DVD drive as an add on accessory could that have led to a fully integrated drive in the future? Microsoft never made any statements or positioned themselves in a manner which implied this was the case but you can’t help but wonder. Hmmm………


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