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A Dynamic Mic That Uses Phantom Power?!?!

That’s right folks you read it right! Blue Microphones has two models in their “Ball” series of mics that are dynamics but require the use of phantom power. So you retain all of the useful benefits of a dynamic mic such as ruggedness, high spl capability and versatility however they do not suffer from one problem that plagues all other dynamic mics. The kryptonite for dynamics is their inability to maintain consistent resistance across the frequency spectrum. Speakers suffer from the same handicap, in AC terms of course, where if you measure the impedance of any given speaker the result will vary greatly in relation to frequency. Remember microphones and speakers are both electromechanical transducers, just of opposite ends of the chain. Back to the microphone this “problem” can affect the phase coherence, acoustical character and output level of the mic. Blue states their engineers were able to overcome this using a phantom-powered proprietary active balancing circuit in the Ball’s output stage. Ultimately enabling the mic to achieve a consistent 50ohm load throughout the “useable” frequency spectrum.

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