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The Mysterious Crossover

What does a crossover do and how does it do it?

Crossovers determine which frequencies go to which drivers. This is what sends the “highs” to the tweeter and the “lows” to the woofer. A crossover can determine and affect several other factors as well. Such as the phase relationship between drivers and the spatial alignment better known as “time alignment” which is a copyrighted term. A crossover can be as simple as one filter or several filters acting together as one component. You will hear terms such as low pass filter, high pass filter and band pass filter. The crossover network is made up of various components such as capacitors, coils and resistors. Capacitors are used to filter out low frequency information in tweeters and midrange drivers. Coils, otherwise known as chokes, are used to eliminate high frequencies from woofers and some midrange drives.


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