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Speaker Cluster Gone Arigh

Q: A year ago we hung two full range cabinets with aircraft cable packed in a cluster above an alter in a church. Since then they have twisted towards stage right just ever so slightly. There is now no way for us to get back up to the ceiling to make any adjustments. What can we do?

A: This is a fun one. Assuming you have some sort of DSP in this system this will be rather easy. If not it will be more complicated. If DSP is available and you are using a separate output for each cabinet you should be able to resolve your problem using delay. If the cabinets have turned towards stage right then delay the cabinet closest to stage left. The interaction of the two cabinets with the delay will steer the image to the left. You simply need to experiment with the amount of delay on the stage left cabinet to re-center the audio image. Now if you do not have DSP available or you are using the same output for both cabinets we will need to get up to the cabinets themselves. Disconnect the rigging cables from the cabinets. By twisting the cables counter clockwise they will have a natural tendency to untwist. This will require quite a bit of trial and error but the tendency of the cables to return to the resting state may be just enough to direct the cabinets front and center once again. Please note that it is very important to not twist the aircraft cable excessively. This will compromise the integrity cable putting undue stress on the individual strands diminishing its’ strength and load capacity. So this solution is to be approached conservatively with your first priority always being safety. Never stray from the standard safety requirements when doing overhead rigging under any circumstances


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