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Sub Enclosures – What’s the best?

What is the best low frequency enclosure method; sealed, ported, passive radiator, band pass, ELF, etc.

This is a heavily weighted question. There is no “best” enclosure design. They are all viable design philosophies that all have their place when the right situation arises. Bass response of speakers is by far one of the most argued characteristics of speakers of all makes and models. The bass response of a particular speaker can single handedly determine whether or not it is suitable for a particular type of music or a certain application. For instance a speaker well suited for Hard Rock music will have an exaggerated or boosted bass response where as a speaker finely calibrated for the finest of classical recordings will have a completely different bass response, what some might consider “lean”. You also have to consider not only how much bass but also the characteristics of the bass. In other words is the bass “boomy” or is the bass very fast, with a quick attack? Different enclosures will result in very different bass characteristics. The sealed enclosures will typical yield a tighter, punchier bass and the ported cabinet a more resonant, rounded bass sound. ELF enclosures can achieve phenomenal bass output from very small boxes at the expense of tremendous power requirements. The band pass enclosures made so popular by Bose also allows for high output from small drivers. So you must first decide what fits your musical taste, as well as you physical room requirements and what is the most aesthetically appealing to you.


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